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Posted by on Oct 23, 2014 in Random Thoughts |

How middle-aged technophobes become internet explorers

How middle-aged technophobes become internet explorers

For the middle-aged technophobe, exploring new technology sounds about as appealing as kissing a great white shark.

In fact, the introduction of new computers or hi-tech machinery in the workplace can be a major contributory factor to a midlife crisis. Suddenly we’re stressed and unable to cope – we’ve been turned overnight into stupid old fossils who should make way for the younger generation.

We use mobile phones but we never figured out how to download those app thingies off the internet, and we don’t know what all those buttons on the TV remote control are for (does anyone?) We have DVD players but, to be honest, we preferred videos.

We may be the last generation of technophobes, but we will become the first generation of computer-savvy oldies. Sure, we may not be able to explain the difference between an iPod and a Blackberry (or an iPod and the cardboard box it came in) but we’re getting to grips with the new technology, once our kids have set it up for us.

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Posted by on Oct 20, 2014 in Purpose |

The Human Condition: why greed is not a luxury

The Human Condition: why greed is not a luxury

Wanting more has been described as ‘the human condition’: something we all suffer from, to some extent. But over recent years, it’s become a major epidemic.

Everything has to be bigger and better – a lot better. These days, we don’t just want more – we’ve come to expect a higher standard of living and and an easier life as no more than our due.

Thanks to the pressure of advertising, we want a bigger house with more luxurious furniture, a more attractive partner and healthier children, a more powerful car and rarer designer labels on our clothing. We want longer holidays in better hotels in more exotic places.

But if we get them all – what then? Nothing is ever enough. Then we want a 10-bedroom mansion with stables and a swimming-pool, a personal masseur, a private yacht…

Things have got ridiculous now.

In New York’s Serendipity Restaurant, you can buy the Grand Opulence icecream sundae for $1000. In a world where other people are starving.

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