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Contributor Guidelines

Would you like to write a guest post for Emily the Dodo?

I’m happy to consider guest posts, so if you have a great idea, do get in touch.

Please contact me through Twitter (Emily Lock@EmilytheDodo) or Facebook (Emily the Dodo page) before you write anything.

Your post should be a non-fiction article with an easy-to-read, mildly humorous style.

Subject matter should contain genuinely helpful practical advice for an individual reader who wants to make personal changes to improve their lifestyle/lead a happier life. It should be focused primarily on the reader’s needs, not your experiences. Please read my Blog Policy.

Length approx 800 – 2000 words.

You should include a short bio (can include a link to your own website).

You may also include one or two topic-related links in the text to high-quality websites (not owned by you or affiliate/paid links) which might be helpful to the reader.

You must also be willing to add an appropriate, text-based link from your site/blog to or to one of the posts on this blog (including your own).

I reserve the right to make minor editorial changes if I consider them necessary.

I do not offer payment for guest posts.


Would you like me to write a guest post for your blog?

I’d be very happy to do so, as long as your blog is connected with self-improvement or personal development and my post can include a link to an appropriate page on Emily the Dodo. Please contact me through Twitter (Emily Lock@EmilytheDodo) or Facebook (Emily the Dodo page).


Looking for more back-links to your site or blog?

You can post samples of your work in Mythbinder Writers’ Showcase, which accepts non-fiction advice for writers, poetry, short stories and the first chapter of your novel.

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