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Posted by on Mar 31, 2015 |

Dodo Diary March 2015: Self-improvement challenge, Month #1

dietdodo3The first month of my From Dodo to Dynamite in a Year self-improvement challenge is over. So how did I get on?

I decided the first step was to control my eating. It takes a long time to lose weight, and I usually give up on diets after a few weeks. But this time I faced the reason.


I just can’t resist it. I enjoy chocolate the way I enjoy breathing. And once I’ve had some, goodbye diet – I just eat and eat and eat. If I don’t have any, I devour cakes and biscuits by the packet instead.

And I realised it was more than just a preference for sweet things – I have a sugar addiction. I looked for advice online – that was a lot of help! “You’ll soon get used to enjoying fruit instead.”

But the thought of giving up sweet foods forever made me want to drown myself in a barrel of golden syrup. And it wasn’t practical. I needed to control my eating, not give up pleasure unnecessarily. If I didn’t include chocolate in my diet, I’d eat it anyway. And if I included it, I’d immediately eat anything sweet that wasn’t nailed down until I collapsed in a groaning heap of flab.

This month, I found the solution to my sugar addiction.

And if you’re a sugar addict like me, you’ll be glad to hear it included lots of Cadbury’s Creme Eggs…

My diet plan included one slice of toast, one sandwich for lunch and a not-too-greedy normal-sized cooked meal.

I kept fruit in the house, and if I got the nibbles for something sweet during the day, I’d have a piece of fruit. But every night, just before I went to bed, I’d reward myself with just one chocolate treat, maximum 200 calories.

And it’s working!

This month, I’ve resisted a stall of home-made cakes, and a cupboard with packets of biscuits, and a visit to someone who’d just made some yummy cakes. And it was easy. If I’d really wanted a cake, I told myself I could have one – but I’d have to take it home and have it for my bedtime treat.

I also took photos and made a daily chart to remind myself of all my targets.

Dodo to Dynamite in a Year Progress Report

  • Weight: Lose 40lbs. I’ve lost 10lbs already!
  • Smoking: Quit. I haven’t tried yet.
  • Self-Control: Beat addictions to sugar and caffeine. I’ve started beating my sugar addiction.
  • Hoarding: Clear whole house. I’ve started sorting job lots to sell.
  • Relationships: Rebuild relationships with partner and family. Not enough effort. This month has been too much about me.
  • Success: Build Ebay business/increase income. I decided to list only more expensive items and take the cheaper things to boot sales through the summer. Up at 4.30am on Saturday, loaded the car, drove there – rained off. But I tried.
  • Writing: Refocus blog and add a new blog post every week. I’ve moved most of the irrelevant blog posts onto another blog ( and reorganised Emily the Dodo with more focus on self-improvement. And I’ve kept up to date with my weekly blog posts.
  • Friends: Make 3 new friends. I haven’t tried yet.

Next month, I’ll work harder at clearing the house and building my business.

Wish me luck!


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