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Posted by on Nov 27, 2015 |

Dodo Diary October & November 2015: Self-improvement challenge, Month #8 & 9

dodocryingDo I look sad enough to get your sympathy? Good. I need it.


No, it’s not due to my credit card bill for Christmas presents. (Well, not entirely!)

I always feel depressed at this time of year. Unfortunately, I suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, due to the lack of winter sunlight here in sunny England.

Events in my life over the last two months weren’t especially bad, but sometimes I just can’t shake off the gloom and it’s a struggle just to get through the day without biting people. Which is the reason I didn’t start my Dodo to Dynamite year in January.

Our house is an icebox, and I’ve been eating everything that isn’t nailed down, because I’m so cold – who feels like virtuously chomping fresh fruit when it’s apple-crumble-and-custard weather?

Dodo to Dynamite in a Year Progress Report

  • Weight: Lose 40lbs.  I’ve gained 8lb over the last two months – total weight loss so far back to 15lbs. Still, the coming festive season should help me cut back on my eating – right?
  • Smoking: Quit. I’m still smoking, but not as much. Money saved so far: £556.50.
  • Self-Control: Beat addictions to sugar and caffeine. Umm…does replacing chocolate with choc chip cookies count?
  • Hoarding: Clear whole house. Still doing very well at this – we’ve gone through all the rooms now, but the loft is still groaning and sagging – I haven’t forgotten it! We’re struggling to get rid of our unwanted VHS videos, but we literally can’t give them away. I’ve listed a lot of freebie giveaways on Gumtree, but only had one taker.









  • Relationships: Rebuild relationships with partner and family. Brilliant! I actually increased my family – this is my new grandson, Macsen. (It’s a Welsh name, if you’re wondering.) Isn’t he adorable? I spent a happy weekend with my son’s new family, and I tried to visit my other son and his family, but they had to cancel at the last minute. I’ve also made a trip to see my mother, my far-away sister and one of my nieces with her baby daughter. And I nearly remembered my other grandson’s birthday – I was only a few days late! Best of all, I’ve finally figured out how to Skype, so I’ll be able to have more contact with my family, even when I can’t get to visit them.
  • Success: Build Ebay business/increase income. I’m rethinking my money-making plan, as it may prove to be unviable, and I’d rather decide now instead of wasting time on something which won’t work (again) – but I’ve listed oodles of stuff on Ebay and made some good money over the last couple of months.
  • Writing: Refocus blog and add a new blog post every week. As you can see, once again my blog has suffered in the cause of making money
  • Friends: Make 3 new friends. I’ve been finding it hard to face my family, let alone outsiders. Maybe next month!

And next month? I’m not going to set myself any extra targets, but just do my best to stick to the ones I’ve already got. Oh, maybe just one – I’m going to tidy my office, so I can work more efficiently.  And who knows, now my knee has stopped hurting, I might wipe the thick layer of dust off the exercise bike and start using it again!

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