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Posted by on Mar 3, 2015 |

Relationship Quiz: is it time to leave?

clockIs your partner someone to grow old with?

This Relationship Quiz examines 5 key aspects of your life together: a healthy relationship, togetherness, compatibility, shared values and understanding. Assessing these topics separately may help you decide if it’s worth staying together, and which parts of your relationship need to change.

PLEASE NOTE: This relationship quiz is for entertainment purposes only and should not be taken as advice – it’s YOUR life and YOU must make the right decision for your future.


1. Are you in love with your partner?

A) Yes, although we argue occasionally

B) I love my partner, but I don’t always like them

C) I was, but now I’m not so sure

D) I’m not sure if I ever was

2. Do you feel frightened of/bullied by your partner?

A) No, never

B) Once or twice in the past, but not now

C) Not frightened, but I often feel bullied – I rarely get to do what I want, or if I do it causes a row

D) I’m terrified of my aggressive partner

3. Do you tease your partner and have a laugh together?

A) Every day!

B) Quite often

C) Now and then

D) Almost never

4. Do you have a good sex life together?

A) Pretty good most of the time, sometimes wonderful

B) It’s good, but not as often as I’d like

C) I don’t always enjoy it much, but it’s OK, I suppose

D) What sex life?

5. Would you describe your relationship as ‘loving and romantic’?

A) Yes

B) Usually loving, occasionally romantic

C) Can’t complain – I wouldn’t expect it to be very romantic after all these years

D) Far from it!


6. Are you living with your partner?

A) Yes

B) Near enough – one of us still technically has their own place

C) No – we haven’t known each other very long

D) No – one of us is not ready to commit

7. Are you and your partner sexually faithful to each other?

A) Yes, always

B) Not in the past, but we’re both faithful now

C) Faithfulness isn’t a big deal in our relationship

D) One of us is being unfaithful now

8. Do you like and admire your partner and enjoy spending time together?

A) Yes, usually

B) Quite often

C) I don’t really admire my partner, but the rest is fairly true

D) Frankly, I prefer it when my partner’s somewhere else

9. Do you and your partner prefer to go to bed at around the same time?

A) Yes, usually

B) Not always – we go to bed when we like

C) No, one of us usually stays up much later than the other

D) We don’t sleep in the same room, so it doesn’t really matter

10. Do you spend enough time together?

A) Yes, we spend lots of time together, but we both have our own space when we need it

B) No, I wish we could spend more time together but our lives are busy

C) Yes, we spend every moment of our lives together – we’re never apart

D) No, we try to avoid each other most of the time


11. Do you enjoy being seen with your partner in public?

A) Yes, I’m proud of my partner

B) Why not? My partner’s OK

C) Yes – until my partner opens their mouth!

D) No – I cringe at the thought of people seeing me with them

12. Do you agree on what makes a good holiday?

A) Yes, mostly we like the same kind of activities

B) Not always, but we can normally find things we both want to do together

C) We usually go on holiday separately because we can’t agree

D) I always end up doing what my partner wants, or they go away without me

13. Do you have the same tastes in music, food, home decor and entertainment?

A) We agree most of the time, but we have enough differences to make life interesting

B) We agree sometimes, or work out a compromise

C) No, my partner’s taste is terrible so I usually decide

D) No, but I don’t get much choice – my partner usually decides

14. What’s the most annoying thing about your partner?

A) They smoke/drink too much or don’t have a healthy lifestyle

B) They don’t appreciate my hard work

C) They’re rude and lazy

D) They’re completely selfish

15. Does your partner do their fair share of the chores around the home?

A) Yes, usually

B) Not really, but it’s OK

C) We don’t agree on what is their fair share

D) You must be joking – my partner never lifts a finger


16. Do you think your partner is (or would be) a good parent?

A) Yes, we agree on how kids should be raised

B) We have our differences, but agree on the basics

C) I don’t know my partner well enough to say

D) No, my partner is/would be a useless parent

17. What do you think about your partner’s job?

A) I’m proud of how well they’re doing at work

A) They’re not working, but I’m proud of how hard they’re trying to find a job

B) I’m quite happy about my partner’s job

B) My partner doesn’t work and I’m quite happy about that

C) I wish my partner would try to find a better job

C) I wish my partner would get off their backside and look for a job

D) I’m ashamed of how my partner earns an income

D) My partner’s job causes arguments and problems

18. Do you tend to agree with your partner on important issues such as politics, religion and the law?

A) We don’t always agree, but we respect each other’s views

B) We’re always arguing about those kind of things, but it doesn’t affect our relationship

C) I always agree with my partner to shut them up, whatever my views – I can’t be bothered to argue about things like that

D) I usually disagree with my partner on those kind of issues

19. Do you enjoy socialising with each other’s friends?

A) Yes, we share the same friends

B) I’m not keen on my partner’s best friend, but it’s not a major problem

C) We don’t really have friends – we don’t go out much, anyway

D) I dislike most of my partner’s friends

20. Do you and your partner agree about money?

A) Usually – it’s not a problem

B) Yes – we’re both worried about not having enough

C) One of us thinks the other spends too much

D) One of us takes charge of the money and the other gets no say in financial matters


21. When you imagine spending the next 10 years with your partner, how do you feel?

A) I hope we’ll have much longer than that

B) Sounds pretty good

C) I can’t see it happening – I’ll probably be sick of my partner by then

D) Ten years??? Kill me now!

22. Does your partner know what you want most out of life?

A) Yes, and they’ll support me in every way they can

B) Yes, but if I want it I’ll have to achieve it on my own

C) No, my partner has no idea

D) My partner knows but doesn’t want me to have it

23. Is your partner helpful and considerate when you’re feeling unwell?

A) Yes, always

B) Yes, but I wish they wouldn’t fuss over me so much

C) Not as much as I’d like

D) Never – but when they’re sick I’m expected to wait on them hand and foot

24. Does your partner have any hobbies or interests you disapprove of?

A) No – my partner is free to decide what they like doing without my approval

B) Just one, and it’s not that important to me

C) Most of my partner’s interests are a waste of time and money, but what can you do?

D) Not any more – I soon put a stop to THAT

25. If you had a problem, would you discuss it with your partner?

A) Yes, always

B) Only if I thought they could do something to help

C) No, I’d talk to my best friend instead

D) If I have a problem, my partner probably caused it in the first place!









Check through your answers to the Relationship Quiz and see which letter you chose most often. It’s a good idea to compare your results for each section, as well as over-all, so you can get an idea of the points you need to work on to improve your relationship.

Mostly As

Your relationship seems rock-solid, no worries there. You have a happy, loving partnership with respect for each other’s views and the freedom to be yourselves. You clearly share the same views on life and enjoy spending time together.

Mostly Bs

You and your partner have your ups and downs, but generally you work well together as a couple. You certainly don’t agree on everything like two little lovebirds, but basically you care deeply for each other. Life together is pretty good, and when you do have problems, you’ll work them out.

Mostly Cs

Your relationship has major issues and if you don’t fix them fast, you’re not likely to stay together long. You’re clearly discontented with the way things are, so it’s time to start communicating assertively with your partner. You both need to make an effort to improve the situation and add some sparkle to your relationship before things go badly wrong.

Mostly Ds

There doesn’t seem to be much left in your relationship, and it’s clearly making you most unhappy. Some key issues in your life are badly wrong, and things can’t carry on much longer this way. If you really want to stay together, you’ll both need to make serious permanent changes in your attitude and lifestyle. Is it worth bothering to try again? Only you can decide.

PLEASE NOTE: This quiz is for entertainment purposes only and should not be taken as advice – it’s YOUR life and YOU must make the right decision for your future. If in doubt, stay and try to work things out – you can always leave later, but you may not be able to choose to return if you find it was a mistake to leave.

Doing a relationship quiz won’t solve your problems!

Remember that no matter how many quizzes you take, or what your ‘score’ is, you’ll only fix the problems in your relationship by focusing on your partner and the way you interact together.

You’ve probably identified some issues to improve your relationship, but it’s only when you communicate openly with your partner and work together to make the changes you both need, that your problems will start to get better and your life together will be happier.

Need a bit more help?

Look for my Kindle ebook on Amazon: Better Than Leaving: Find Ways to be Happy in a Bad Marriage by Emily Lock. (You can download a free Kindle app to read it on your computer if you don’t own a Kindle.)




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