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Posted by on Mar 23, 2015 |

9 ways to live like Tyrion in Game of Thrones

canstockphoto0679619No question: Tyrion Lannister is the world’s coolest dwarf.

He may be short, but his personality strides like a giant over the petty sniping and hidden intrigues of King’s Landing

If you’ve ever wished you could be more like him, here’s how:

1. Act cheerful and confident,  even when you know the odds are stacked against you

Tyrion doesn’t let a teensy little problem – like being surrounded by enemies waving swords in his face – spoil his day. He knows he can probably bluff his way out of most adverse situations, or pay someone to deal with them for him.

2. Be loyal to your family

They may have a few minor faults, such as lying, cruelty, incest and murder,  but hey, they’re still his family. Tyrion’s proud to be one of the Lannisters. He will always stand up for his family – even if they won’t stand up for him.

3. Always stay proud of what you are, despite what others think

Tyrion won’t let anyone put him down or treat him like a fool. Even if they’re a king. He knows what he is – and what he isn’t. And if it’s good enough for him, it had better be good enough for everyone else.

4. Learn to hide your feelings, but don’t always do so

You might not guess it immediately, but Tyrion has a sensitive, vulnerable side. However, he’s learned that wearing his heart on his sleeve is the quickest way to give your enemies an extra weapon. He’s learned to play the game of intrigue with the best of them. But when he finds stupidity or injustice, he isn’t slow to speak his mind.

5. Be generous when it’s deserved

Tyrion’s generous, and with his bags of Lannister gold, he’s always ready to reward those who serve him well. But more than that, he has a generous nature – there’s nothing mean-spirited or sneaking about him.

6. Be an inspiring leader

Tyrion knows what people care about and he’s learned which incentives will motivate them – so when he wants people to do something, he can speak to their hearts and inspire them to follow him. (Remember that scene? ‘Those are brave men knocking on our door – let’s go kill them!’)

7. Be ready to love, even after you’ve been hurt

Incidents in the past have cut Tyrion to the soul, and it’s hard for him to believe anyone would genuinely care about him. So he hides his love for Shae with jokes, because he thinks she doesn’t return his feelings. But he’s so warm, intelligent and funny that he’s more than capable of inspiring real love – his appearance is almost irrelevant. He just needs to believe it.

8. Be brave… but if all else fails, know when to run away

Sometimes it’s time to cut our losses and quit. Tyrion’s sense of honour will drive him to take on tremendous odds, but he also has the judgment to know when he’s beaten and it’s time to scarper.

and (of course!)

9. F*** like it’s your last night in this world

Tyrion won’t put off pleasure for another day. He’ll do his duty first, but he’s aware that no one lives forever. Especially when Joffrey’s around. So he’ll snatch every chance of happiness that offers – in case it’s the last opportunity, ‘…Which it may well be!’

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