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Posted by on Jan 13, 2015 |

Get Lucky: why the Law of Averages is your new best friend


Did you know it was possible to THINK yourself lucky?

It’s been proved that people who believe they will be lucky have better luck than people who don’t believe they’ll have good luck!

So… all you have to do is convince yourself that you’ll be lucky from now on!

There’s just one problem – why would you believe you’re going to be lucky, when you’ve always had BAD luck?

Here’s the answer – simple mathematics.

Thought Experiment: The Luck Raffle

Let’s imagine there’s a Luck Raffle – a prize draw with 20 pieces of good luck as prizes.

20 people buy 20 tickets each.

In theory, one person could win ALL of the 20 prizes – but we know that’s not very likely.

Why? The Law of Averages.

On average, the Luck Raffle has about 1 prize – one piece of good luck – for each person.

Sure, some people may get 2 or 3 prizes, some will win nothing, but ON AVERAGE, most of them will win 1 prize.

Now imagine the Luck Raffle happens every day for a year. The same 20 people buy 20 tickets each every day, and 20 more prizes are won.

Theoretically, one person could still be lucky enough to win every single prize. It’s also possible that one person could be so unlucky that after a year, they still haven’t won any prizes at all.

But it’s much MORE likely that different people got lucky on each occasion, so the luck starts to get averaged out. Over the course of a year, most people would win an average of 365 prizes – about one a day.

Be glad to be unlucky!

OK, now imagine the Luck Raffle happens every day for the whole of your life so far. And then open it up to all the people in the world. The chances of a ‘lucky’ person having a noticeably-greater amount of luck just can’t beat the odds.

So what does this mean? Quite simply, if you’ve been unlucky all your life, the Law of Averages just became your new Best Friend!

At this point, if you haven’t had an average amount of luck in your life so far, statistics can’t be wrong – from now on, YOU ARE MORE LIKELY TO BE LUCKY THAN OTHER PEOPLE!

Feeling lucky now?

Don’t rush out and buy a pile of lottery tickets or scratchcards! If you’re going to be lucky this time, 1 ticket is enough to give you the chance of winning.

Remember that luck comes in different ways, so open your mind to lucky opportunities apart from money.

Be lucky!

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