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Posted by on Jan 24, 2016 in Creativity, Self-Control |

Is Facebook killing your creativity time?

Is Facebook killing your creativity time?

This week, I reached Level 500 on the Words of Wonder game on Facebook.


Hang on a minute…

500 levels?

It takes me about two minutes to play each level. And of course, I don’t always succeed the first time – sometimes it takes me weeks of trying.

And it’s not the only Facebook game I play, of course. There’s Candy Crush Saga, Juice Jam, some Christmas thing I can never remember the name of, Pet Rescue Saga, Candy Crush Soda Saga, Guess the 70’s… and 80’s… and 90’s… and a whole load of others I tried for a few levels and then got bored with.

I’m not an online gaming addict, but over the last couple of years I must have played about 2500 games.

And I have to wait a few minutes before I play each time for it to load the game, ask me to ‘enjoy this message from our sponsor’ and try some pathetic attempts to trick me into buying ‘gold’ so I won’t realise how much the extra boosts will cost. Not a chance! I’m no sucker – or am I?

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