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Posted by on Mar 30, 2015 | 3 comments

Purpose Quiz: identify your life purpose to reach your potential

canstockphoto17433855Unlike most sets of questions on finding your purpose, this quiz has the answers at the end!

Try to go with your first response, rather than trying to second-guess why the question was set or which choice will bring you to one particular recommendation. If you can’t decide, choose two answers.


1. What makes you feel most sympathy?

A)  A once-beautiful old mansion which has been left to decay

B)  Children who are starving in another country

C)  People with real talent but no opportunity to express it

D)  Young people who have no chance of finding jobs


2. Which of these is most important?

A)  Justice

B)  Loyalty

C)  Freedom

D)  Power


3. Which animal charity would be most likely to get your spare cash?

A)  Protecting an endangered species

B)   Saving mistreated donkeys

C)   Providing service dogs for people with disabilities

D)   I’d rather give the money to someone I know who deserves it, instead of donating it to a charity.


4. What helps you most when making an important decision?

A)  Moral principles

B)  Knowledge of the people involved

C)  Quiet time to think

D)  Enough information to make the right choice


5.  You’ve been asked to create a picture called ‘Achievement.’ Do you draw…?

A)  Someone relaxing beside a luxury house near a tropical beach

B)  Someone being awarded a medal for saving lives

C)  Someone winning a race

D) Someone on a stage receiving a standing ovation


6. What doesn’t the world have enough of (apart from chocolate)?

A)  Respect

B)  Kindness

C)  Opportunities

D)  Good leadership


7. You’re planning an educational activity for some children. Which do you choose?

A)  Exploring in the countryside

B)   I let the children choose what they’d enjoy

C)   An art/music/sports fun day

D)   A scavenger hunt and quiz


8. What kind of business partner would you prefer?

A) Trustworthy

B) Friendly

C) Easygoing

D) Supportive


9. What ‘luxury’ would you take to a desert island?

A)  A solar-powered music player

B)  Family photos

C)  Paper and pencils

D)  My country’s national flag


10. What advice would you give to someone who wanted to start a business?

A)  Make sure you’re adding something to the world

B)  If you make a mistake, forgive yourself and try again

C)  Make sure you’re doing something you enjoy

D)  Plan carefully before you start


Check through your answers to the Purpose Quiz and see which letter you chose most often.

Now scroll down to identify your purpose in life…










If you chose two letters in fairly equal amounts, look for a purpose which combines the two answers.


Mostly As : Your purpose is to Preserve and Restore

You’re a person with strong moral principles which need to be reflected in everything you do. You see the world around you changing, and not all those changes are for the better. You need to find something to protect; one thing you feel strongly about, that the world mustn’t be allowed to lose.

Suggestions: starting or supporting an environmental charity, selling/restoring antiques, collating/recording your family history, forestry, police, uniformed services, law, learning to repair historic buildings, restoring an old canal narrowboat or gypsy caravan, country crafts, helping out at a steam railway, working at a zoo or country park, or helping with Scouts/Guides.


Mostly Bs: Your purpose is to Help Others

You are a warm, compassionate person for whom feelings are more important than material gain. For you, the real success will come through supporting and enabling others to achieve their potential. Society doesn’t always protect the weak and those in need, and there are many people who are held back from their potential by poor education, health issues or lack of opportunities, support and encouragement. You can be the wind beneath their wings.

Suggestions: teaching, nursing/medical/paramedic, therapy, social work, caring for elderly/disabled people, sports/diet/fitness coaching, animal care, home-making, parenting/childcare, helping with a charity for people or animals.


Mostly Cs: Your purpose is to Develop Your Own Potential

You’re an imaginative, creative person who should devote more of your time to developing your talent. First, you need to convince yourself that being self-focused isn’t the same as being selfish – and that’s not always easy. But your skills can contribute to the world in a unique way, if you can find your focus and gain the freedom to explore your interests and express yourself.

Suggestions: acting, writing, art, interior design, fashion design, furniture design, architecture, music, research science, sport/fitness, archaeology, historical research, travel, exploration, photography, animation, film-making, model-making, jewellery-making.


Mostly Ds: Your purpose is to Lead People

You’re a strong, likeable, confident person who is good at persuading and inspiring others to follow your example. Now you’re ready to take on a higher challenge and become a force for positive change. If you chose mostly Ds and one other letter, consider a management or leadership role in the fields suggested for that letter.

Suggestions: politics, religious leadership, teaching, coaching, management, journalism/blogging, running a theatrical/modelling/publicity agency, charity campaigning.


What did you think of the quiz? Did you get the answer you expected? Leave a comment below.





  1. Hey! I got equal numbers of As and Ds which suggests that I should consider (amongst other things) management and zoo work. I used to own and run a mobile zoo business but sold it a couple of years ago. Dammit – I’ve apparently already found my purpose in life and given it away! In all seriousness, I found this short quiz both thoughtfully created and thought-provoking. The descriptions were very accurate and helpful. I would certainly recommend this to anyone genuinely looking to find their true direction in life. Good job Emily the Dodo!

    • Thank you for your nice comments, Lucy – how interesting that you ended up choosing your past career!

  2. Thanks, Daniel, I appreciate your comments. I answered mostly Cs, which fits with my wish to be a writer.

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